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Using the best quality hardware and webbing
Using the best quality hardware and webbing to manufacture the proper sling you need.

2" x 100', 2-ply, stump puller strap
2" x 100', 2-ply, stump puller strap w/4 ton eye hook w/safety latch.

4" x 10', 2-ply, heavy duty "custom" sling w/protection where you need it. (Picture courtesy of U-Haul mfg.)

24" x 12' lifting sling
24" x 12' lifting sling. No matter how wide or long, we can make them to your specs.

3" x 16', 2-ply, heavy duty, "puller strap" w/3 1/2 ton eyehook w/safety latch.

2 leg bridle, 2-ply, need an "extra short or extra long" Towing strap?

Hundreds of slings being made with different styles & colors.

1" x 36", 2-ply, Eye & Eye rated at 6400 lbs. basket hitch, 2200 lbs. choker, & 3200 lbs. vertical hitch

1" x 24", 2-ply, Eye & Eye any length any width.

All slings tagged & rated.

"Do not throw your hardware away." These 2-leg bridles are used hardware with new rewebbed webbing.

"Special, custom made to your design. For whatever application you have." 2-ply, 3-leg bridle.

Custom, 3-leg bridle.

Custom, 3-leg bridle w/O ring at center.

Special lifting slings. 2-ply, with edge wear pads where you need them. "Photo courtesy U-Haul Mfg."

Lifting items with sharp or jagged edges - protect your slings with the proper wear pads.

"Speciality Slings" for lifting the extra wide load. 24" x 6' basket sling.

Extra Wide Sling with end & eye stiffeners.

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