Strapguy / Sewing Company
Heavy Duty Sewing for over 35 years
We are part of a Sewing Family

What we do here:
Standard Heavy Duty Straps / Slings
Such as:
Truck Tie-Downs
Lifting Slings
Tow Truck Straps
Boat Lift Slings
Recovery Straps
RV / Emergency Tow Straps
Lashing Straps
Forklift Straps
2, 3, 4 Legged Bridles (Custom*)

Other Standard Products of Ours:
(Lighter Duty)
Such as:
Dog Leashes (Custom)
Cargo Nets (Small - Medium)
Cell Phone Pouches (Custom)
Motorcycle Straps
Marine Mooring Lines
Barrel Lift Slings
Light Gauge Tie Downs

We now make custom slacklines

Specialty / Custom
Need Something Special Sewn?
We could do it for you . . . Here are some examples:

Custom 3 Leg Boat Lift Bridle (Gaviota Pier)
Custom 3 Leg Boat Lift Bridle (Gaviota Pier)

Book Bag straps for schools
Book Bag straps for schools

Have an idea for a "New Strap" - (Invention)
We can work with you to get your ideas developed (Prototypes)
We'll take your "Prototypes" & make it to your specifications.
We have helped many (People, Companies) with their ideas, including with the "Confidentiality Legal Paperwork"
"You're 100% safe with us"

How Heavy Can We Sew?
We are capable of sewing from 1/8" thick (Light Gauge) to (approx.) 1" thick
We can sew: Nylon, Polyester, & Polypropylene

Have a question regarding sewing? We have an answer for you. Do not hesitate to call The "Strapguy's" "Answer Hot Line"
"All our straps / Slings are 100% satisfaction guaranteed"
All products are made with
Safety in mind with 35 years of experience -----
Our Lifting, Tie-Downs, Straps, & Slings are made per "OSHA Requirements"
with at least a 5-1 Safety Factor

Need a sample piece of nylon, polyester, or polypropylene webbing (even leather) sent to you?
No problem, just ask "The Strapguy"

Please check out our Gallery to see various types & styles of our products.

The Strapguy
Toll Free (888) 693-4750 Mon - Sat
9374 Barkerville Avenue
Whittier, CA 90605